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Door Off Tracks

Rain, Ice, Sleet or Snow – Ideal Garage Doors is there when you need us!
Rain, Ice, Sleet or Snow – Ideal Garage Doors is there when you need us!

If your garage door is not properly aligned, your home and the people in it are at risk. Your garage door is one of the largest moving elements in your home, and as such, it is incredibly heavy – sometimes upwards of 400 pounds! For this reason, a DIY solution can end up being incredibly dangerous or even fatal.

If you notice your garage door has become partially detached, call Ideal Garage Door immediately for local service in Phoenix, AZ.

While it may not be immediately obvious, the springs, cable, and other mechanisms are under immense strain in this state. Stop using the garage door, as continuing to use it can cause further damage to the door and surrounding structures. The entire door will need to be rebalanced by a professional before any repairs can be attempted.

There are a few other telltale signs to look out for when it comes to your garage door. If you notice any of the following symptoms, your garage door needs to be inspected by an experienced professional.


A Rubbing or Grinding Noise

These noises are signals of a misaligned track. What you’re hearing is the potentially dangerous friction of hefty hardware.

The Garage Door Closes More Slowly than Usual

Oftentimes, homeowners will notice that certain parts of the door-closing process will take longer than others. If it seems like your door gets “stuck” and continues to work its way through, it’s likely fighting against a rough spot and is about to run off the track. You can prevent an expensive repair by getting this issue fixed right away.

There Are Gaps Between the Rollers and the Rail

The rollers are the wheels of your garage door, and they are meant to run right up against the track like tires on a road. If you notice that the rollers are “lifting” off the track at any point while your garage door is in motion, your garage door is off-track and needs to be professionally corrected.

Tracks Are Bent

This is a deceptive problem. Most homeowners will assume there is an issue with the integrity of the tracks. However, more often than not, bent tracks are due to a broken or strained cable. This can become a dangerous problem quickly if it is left unattended.

Things Look Sideways

Your garage door is meant to run up and down in a perfect vertical motion. If this is not the case and the lower portion looks “slanted,” you need an experienced professional to take a look immediately.

Ideal Garage Doors Offers Same-Day Service

Don’t leave your garage door hanging. Ideal Garage Doors offers 24-hour same-day service to the Phoenix, AZ area. We offer high-quality repairs that you can count on. Give us a call or schedule a service with us online. A professional technician will arrive shortly to restore your home to a safe and proper working condition. 


Garage door rollers slip off their tracks when they close on an object or “obstruction.” The most common obstructions include car bumpers, bikes, brooms and rakes, and trash cans. 

The resulting slip off of the track usually causes a cable to come off the drum and release the closest spring, leaving only one side of the door to support the entire door’s weight. This mismatch of pressure often leaves the garage door stuck on the track.


By nature, garage rollers are subject to the elements, garage dust, and more. These particles cause extra friction that can break down the rollers over time, making a slip off the tracks or a break more likely. We recommend replacing worn or broken rollers and keeping rollers well lubricated. Visit our preventative maintenance page for a comprehensive checklist.


When a spring is worn down, it will cause the garage door to “drag” on one side. Because the weight of the door is no longer evenly supported on both sides, the garage door opener has to drag the door itself instead of relying on the spring. This heavy resistance can cause the cable to slip off its corresponding drum. This can also occur if one cable is more taut than its partner.


Avoid pushing the door too far up, as this can cause the rollers to slip off the tracks. If the door isn’t able to “rest” in the upright position and it continues to slide down the track on its own, call in a professional.

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A common reason for garage door roller to come off track occurs when the garage door closes on an object (car bumper, trashcan, broom, bike, etc.). This can cause the cable to slip off of the drum on one side of the door. When the cable comes off the drum, the spring unwinds and releases the full weight of the door on one side, jamming the door into the track.

Garage door rollers are exposed to dirt and debris on a regular basis. As rollers move up and down the tracks, they pick up friction-causing debris that leads to roller break down. Any unnecessary friction increases stress on the cables and can cause them to slip or break. We recommend keeping your rollers clean and well lubricated and replace broken or worn down rollers. See our preventative maintenance page for more information.

When a spring nears the end of its life cycle, the garage door can start to drag on the left or right. This is especially common on one spring systems on a 2-car garage door. As a spring deteriorates, the weight of the door is no longer fully supported and the door starts to become unbalanced. The garage door opener takes on the weight that used to be supported by the springs and has to work harder to open the door. The increased resistance can cause the cable to slip off the drum. Another indicator of an unbalanced door with spring or drum issues is if one cable is more taut than the other. The door may still function correctly but will soon exhibit mechanical problems.

To prevent this repair on a manually-operated garage door, you should lift the door and let it sit where it rests. If you push the door too high up on the tracks you will cause the cable to slip off of the cable drum. If the door isn’t sitting where it rests or if slides back down the track without assistance, call our trained professionals to come take a look.