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How to Fix Your Safety Sensor

Safety sensor

Picture this… you’re running late for an appointment. You pull out of the garage, press your remote clicker to shut the door, and it refuses to shut. Your opener is blinking but nothing is moving. Is it time to call the professionals? 

This issue could be fixed in a matter of minutes! With a few simple steps that someone in your household could do. 

When your door won’t shut and your opener is blinking, it is most likely due to the safety sensors being misaligned. The safety sensors are located at the bottom right and left corners of your garage. This is a common mishap due to them being in a location that is easy to kick, knock over, and bump. 

Check both sensors in the right and left corners of your garage. If one is a solid amber color and one flashing green, this is confirmation that the problem is your safety sensors. To fix this, tilt the sensor that is flashing green to be level, and the flashing will stop and remain solid green. 

If you have a more updated garage opener, it may not flash but instead show a message on your wall button screen. The message will say Sensor Momentarily Obstructed. To resolve this, you can follow the same steps explained above. 

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