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New Garage Doors

Rain, Ice, Sleet or Snow – Ideal Garage Doors is there when you need us!
Rain, Ice, Sleet or Snow – Ideal Garage Doors is there when you need us!

For many homes, the garage door is the most prominent exterior feature. But garage doors aren’t just a detail; they are the gateway to your most valuable possessions and most important people. When your garage door is outdated, old, or damaged, it can affect more than just your Phoenix home’s curb appeal. It can lead to a less secure home.


Why Should I Invest in a New Garage Door?

A new garage door can give your home a much-needed facelift, updated features, and convenience, and the security your family deserves.

A new garage door isn’t a one-size-fits-all addition; from budget to features to color and style, you’ll likely have plenty of questions to ask and decisions to make before installation day! 

At Ideal Garage Doors, our technicians know our available brands and models inside and out and can help you to decide exactly what you need.

Types of Garage Doors

Ideal Garage Doors offers dozens of solutions for new garage doors, including:

  • Super durable steel doors to offer security and convenience 
  • Carriage doors add a unique strength and elegance 
  • Energy-efficient natural wood doors for unique design details 

Another consideration is the need for durability — for a heavily used garage, you’ll need a heavy-duty type of garage door. For instance, if you typically use your garage door more than 4 times per day, you should choose a midline to high-end garage door. 

If your garage is used only for storage, you can opt for a builder-grade door. Investing in the right grade can help you to keep your garage door functioning well for years to come.

We proudly stand by our products, which are sourced through some of the best suppliers in the industry, including the C.H.I. Carriage House collection — the industry standard in carriage doors. 

No matter what your preferences may be, our knowledgeable staff members can walk you through the options. We can provide an in-home consultation and a no-surprise quote.

Extra Features for Your New Garage Door

Our services and products don’t stop at the door. Your door should express your personal style, while also fitting with your home’s architectural details. 

For all the extra details, we have you covered!


Insulation is available on our line of sectional steel doors. For our double steel doors, insulation can be added on the exterior and interior faces with insulation between the two sides.

Perimeter Seal s

Made from color-matched vinyl, perimeter seals prevent drafts, dust, insects, and water from getting inside your garage. They also offer soft details to complete your new garage door.

Nylon Rollers 

With a quieter performance than steel or plastic rollers, our low-friction rollers include a lifetime warranty. You can even upgrade your steel or plastic rollers to 10 ball-bearing nylon-coated rollers.

After-Market Details

From faux hinges to arched windows, we offer additional new garage door details to transform your standard door into something unique that matches your home’s style.

Top-quality products, efficient installation, and a variety of designs mean that Ideal Garage Doors will bring your dreams of a gorgeous home exterior to reality.

Exceptional Service with Ideal Garage Doors

At Ideal Garage Doors, our in-house consultations with trained garage door experts and no-nonsense, no-surprise quotes are just the start. We want you to have a wonderful experience with our team throughout the whole installation process.

We strive to give our clients the highest quality installation in the business. Our technicians arrive on time and leave your space better than they found it — we’ll even dispose of your old garage door! We stand by our manufacturer and in-house warranties on all our products.

See the difference for yourself. Call us today for information or a free consultation!

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Steel Doors

Our high quality steel doors offer durability and security to the most heavily used entrance of your home.


Our C.H.I. Carriage House collection combines beauty with strength to add elegance and value to your home.



Add the beauty of natural wood to your home with a handcrafted door from Ideal Garage Doors.


Our installers have been specially trained to give you the highest quality installation in the business. Our garage door technicians are professionals. They arrive in the time frame and clean up when they are finished. We are committed to surpassing customer expectation through punctuality, proficiency, and professionalism. We can even dispose of the old door so you don’t have to bother with transporting old materials. We want your install to be fast, convenient, and free of worry. Manufacturer and in-house warranties back all products. You never have to worry about the quality of workmanship you receive from Ideal Garage Doors.


Your decision should be based on your need for durability. If you use your door 3-4 times a day (an industry standard for two-car garages), then you need a midline to high end garage door. However, if your garage is used primarily for storage then a builder’s grade door may fit your requirements. If you are unsure of your needs, our skilled technicians can help you choose. Call today for a In-Home Consultation to discuss the best way to bring your home’s beauty to life with a new garage door.


It’s best to match your garage door to the style of your home, so choose your garage door based on your home’s architectural features, materials, and color. In the past decade, homes have become extremely customizable, and garage doors have followed the same progression. Express your style. We stock all sizes and styles of garage doors. We also have aftermarket options like faux hinges, arched windows and handles to transform a standard door into a distinguished carriage-style presentation.

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We Can Insulate Our Line Of Sectional Steel Doors With Two Inch Vinyl Backed Polystyrene Insulation, Friction Fitted With An R-6 Insulating Value. We Also Offer A Double Steel Insulated Door With Steel On Both Exterior And Interior Faces And Insulation Sandwiched In Between.

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This Door Seal Is Placed On Your Exterior Wood Trim. It Is Composed Of Color-Matched Vinyl And Has An Integral, Flexible Strip To Seal Your Garage Door Against Drafts, Dust And Insects. Perimeter Seal Also Creates A Softer Finished Look To Complete Your Garage Door.

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You Can Upgrade Your Steel Or Plastic Rollers To Ten Ball Bearing Nylon Coated Rollers. These Low Friction Rollers Come With A Lifetime Warranty And Have A Quieter Performance Than Steel Or Plastic Rollers.


We Can Install Plain Or Decorative Windows In Your New Door In Various Designs. Call Us Today For A FREE Consultation.

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