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Homeowners have a lot to worry about when it comes to home maintenance. Particularly during the hot Phoenix summers, local homeowners may be more focused on keeping their AC system up and running than anything else. However, there are many other parts of your home that shouldn’t go ignored no matter what time of year it is. One of those parts is your garage door.

It’s easy to assume that your garage door is working perfectly fine when there are no visible damages on its inner or outer side, but many of the common issues that garage doors have can (seemingly) come out of nowhere. Before you know it, the damage compounds and causes other damages, and suddenly your garage door stops working right when you’re running late for work or pulling up to the house after a long day.

Not sure when you scheduled your last garage door repair or check-up appointment? That means you’re definitely due for one. If you live in the Phoenix area, call Ideal Garage today to set up a safety check appointment for your garage door.

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If you’re looking for high-quality, sturdy steel garage doors, Ideal Garage in Phoenix, AZ has what you need. Our steel garage doors make a great addition to the exterior of any home. Call us today for a free consultation!

When it comes to a one-of-a-kind home detail, wooden doors steal the show. With custom wood garage doors, craftsmanship meets modern luxury. Custom wood garage doors will provide curb appeal, eye-catching details, and enhanced value for your home. If homeowners can dream it, our talented and experienced team can make it happen.

Home design trends come and go, but one of the most enduring is the carriage garage door trend. Introduced as a major garage door style in 2005, this type of custom garage door brings to mind a bygone area of elegance and simplicity, when individuals traveled by horse and carriage.

The gates of a home aren’t only for privacy and security — they are an integral part of a home’s ambiance and curb appeal. Your home is unique, and the way you design your space says a lot about you. S, forget standard run-of-the-mill gates and learn how custom gates for your Phoenix, AZ, home can change the entire look of your property!

A garage door opener is all but a necessity in the modern world. It allows you to operate the most used entryway of your home with ease and safety. And if you’re looking to put your house on the market in the near future, garage door opener installation is a great way to give it a boost and raise its value. Some homebuyers consider it an indispensable part of their soon-to-be home. 


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Safety Checks for Garage Door Repair with Ideal Garage 

Even if you don’t think anything is wrong with your garage door, it’s important to know for sure. Garage doors are extremely heavy pieces of equipment that can be dangerous if they’re not functioning properly, especially with small children around. Plus, many homeowners use their garage to store valuable or precious items, and a compromised garage door could mean lack of security for those items or weather damage to those items over time.

You may be wondering, what exactly does a garage door safety check consist of?

Well, one of our excellent Ideal Garagetechnicians in Phoenix will pay you a visit and perform a comprehensive check-up on your garage door, making sure to pay close attention to all of the moving parts that often develop rust or friction in these types of doors over time. Your technician will check the door’s functionality, keep an eye and ear out for any strange movements or unusual sounds, and ensure that your garage door is in top working order.

If any issues are found during your safety check appointment that necessitate garage door repair, don’t worry! Depending on the type of repair your door calls for, it’s likely that your Ideal Garage technician will be able to fix it that same visit, eliminating the need to schedule a follow-up appointment (until your check-up next year, of course).

If a more in-depth garage door repair or even a replacement is in order, your technician will schedule your repair or replacement appointment according to your schedule and ideal timeline.

What Can Go Wrong with a Garage Door? 

If you’ve never scheduled maintenance or done upkeep for your garage door, you may not be aware of the many issues that can crop up with garage doors over time and decrease functionality, cause damage to the items within the garage, or even cause bodily harm to a person using the door. Here are some of the most common issues that Phoenix homeowners face with their garage doors due to a lack of regular maintenance.

Broken or Detached Cables 

Garage door cables allow the door to lift and lower with the least possible amount of tension and stress. Often, cables become detached or broken due to excessive friction within the garage door’s moving parts, which can be caused by inadequate lubrication. A broken or detached cable is a dangerous fix for the average homeowner to make, so a professional should absolutely be hired in this case. 

Bends in the Track

The track that your garage door follows can become damaged or bent over time, which will cause your door’s rollers to shift completely off track or become damaged themselves every time the door is used. A professional garage door repair technician can correct the dents in your track to make sure it sustains no further damage and your door continues to work correctly.

Malfunctioning or Broken Sensors

Even if your garage door itself is working to perfection, you can still experience a lot of functional issues with your door if the sensors are broken or misfiring. Your garage door sensor is what signals it to open and close at the press of a button, and you may end up locked in or locked out of your garage if your sensor is unable to receive information from your remote control device or button. A licensed garage door repair technician can check the hardware in your sensor and replace parts or replace the unit entirely if need be. If it’s just a problem with the remote, we can fix that, too!

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